Season 6 Upgrade Survey

Well, Season 6 is upon us, and I’ve been really working hard to establish a good strong sponsor base.  Thanks to your support by clicking banners and purchasing products from our supporters (please, keep it up!), we’ll be able to further improve things on the set of Category5 TV this year.

Here are my ideas, and what I’d ask is that you comment below with your vote or your own ideas if you have some that are better.
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SSD and a Flight Box.

With upcoming remote broadcasts such as our annual cottage special, and the 5th anniversary show, one of my quests this year has been to come up with an economical but functional portable studio rig.

Our biggest issue simply stems from the fact that we’ve grown a lot in the last year.  Our broadcast studio requires very powerful computers to make the show happen.  That’s not easy to do in a portable studio rig.

Sure, big budget shows can look at things like TriCaster, but that’s not us.
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