Windows 10 First Impressions – A Scrolling Start Menu?!

Well, Microsoft has decided to skip Windows 9 altogether and jump to Windows 10. Could it be that they are so ashamed of Windows 8 that they wanted to separate themselves from it? Is it that they think they’ve finally got a “perfect 10”?

I installed the preview and must say, it feels a lot more like the old desktop paradigm, but the start menu is still garbage. At least in the first preview.

Windows 10 Start Menu


Yeah… let’s look a little closer…

Windows 10 Start Menu - Closeup

Yep: I’ve got a single line where each “app” appears, and an up/down button to allow me to flip through them.

I’m guessing this is a glitch, or a bug, or an oversight, but you’d think they would have gotten the one selling point right. I mean, anyone who hates Windows 8 for the “start screen” is testing Windows 10 specifically to see if Microsoft got it right.

They didn’t.

Not even close.

But hey, Goldwave installed and runs well! ¬†Good thing it adds an icon to the desktop since I don’t want to have to scroll down to “G” one line at a time, let alone a program starting with X, Y or Z.