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Daniel Cook

Thank you, thank you for this – I surely owe you a cold one (or two) for this solution. You have truly saved my sanity. I found other “solutions” on line, but invariably they would fail to save and I’d be right back to entering passwords after the first reboot. Sign me Grateful.

Dan C.

iPad Stand

Brilliant, thanks for sharing this – been installing Windows 10 on many PCs and never figured out how to do this until now!


Hi there,

Desperately seeking help…

After much pain, I’ve successfully upgraded to Windows 10, believing that it’s ‘stable’ enough.

Alas, during one use, it somehow hijacked me onto setting up the microsoft account. Since, I have only a blank screen after logging on with the new darn microsoft account 🙁

The only thing I could is Ctrl Alt Del. After a long while, the task manager shows CPU at 1%, memory 25%, disk 1% and network 0% BUT a blank screen. Clearly, it could not find my old user account library files !!

Any idea how I could get my system functional again please ?!

Many thanks !


Grant Robertson

I know I am a little late to this post, but:

Is there a way to follow these steps to avoid having a Microsoft account tied to my local user account and still use Microsoft OneDrive?

I know I will need a Microsoft Account for Microsoft OneDrive. My problem is: I have read that when you use a Microsoft Account to log in to your PC that Microsoft “backs up” (read – archives for the NSA) a copy of your drive encryption key. I would like to avoid this, but I still need to use OneDrive so I can sync OneNote files to my Android Device. Naturally, OneNote for Android won’t use any other cloud file storage service.


Thanks! Here’s one more thing I could have not figured out for two years. Without communication most people would have given up on computers.


If I log in w/o a Microsoft account (which i did), should I still be able to use the system apps (specifically, Mail & Calendar)? I’ve read elsewhere I need an account to download additional apps from the Store, but I was under the impression i could use Mail w/o a Microsoft account. I can’t get it to sync properly with Gmail or Yahoo, and the Microsoft store “techs” keep insisting that I need an account…..


What a load of crap!

When I upgraded on my tablet, I interpreted “create a new account” as “create a new Microsoft account” which I didn’t want.

I have no doubt that is by design. I already had a local account under Windows 8 that went away during the upgrade.

Sharon Lee

As Al has mentioned, if you have already used your Windows account………….
Your email & accounts

Click on Sign on with a local account instead & take it from there.


I uploaded windows 10,mind you i am not very good about computers. I thought I had no choice to get Microsoft account, i did not want one. My son has one for his gaming. Can you help me close this account please?


just got a new HP PC with win 10.  I wanted to use Cortana but it would not let me access it unless I created a MS account.  I don’t want one but I’d like to use Cortina.

how do I do that?

I just came from win7  and win10  seems so awkward.  help!


There is not a option on my screen to ‘create a new account’.  Where is says sign in, there is however a line that says

‘dont have a microsoft account – create one’.

The next screen asks for all your details and

create new account

There is no option to sign in without a microsoft account.

That is way too intrusive in my opinion and why I wont be using Windows 10.  I think its the worst OS ever.  Microsoft completely lost the plot with this one.

Windows 8.1 will do fine for me.

Stuff their free upgrade. No wonder its free.


Regarding jhu’s and my own question, “is there a way to decouple an account from the MS account so that you’re not logging into a Microsoft account whenever you use your computer, I found the answer.

If I’m not being too presumptuous, here are the steps to accomplish that goal:

To Uncouple a Windows 10 User Account from a Microsoft Account, so that you are not logging into a Microsoft Account when you reboot, or start your computer; or when you switch user accounts, do the following:

1. Log onto the account you wish to change.
2. Open Control Panel
3. Click the User Accounts option
4. In the right-hand column, where Click “Make changes to my account in PC Settings”
5. In the window that opens, Click “Sign in without a Microsoft account instead…” or something similar.
6. Follow the prompts to create a new password.
7. Save work, then log off and back on using your new password.
8. You are now logged onto a regular, password protected User Account on your computer; but you are NOT logged onto a Microsoft account, and you won’t be unless you go back into Control Panel – User Accounts, and opt in again.

Hope this helps.


Thank you so much! Had the same problem and this fixed it just like you said. Appreciate this help!


Ai: 1000 thumbs up. Thank you.


I have the same question as jhu. When I first upgraded to Win 10 and was asked for a user name and password, I wrongly assumed that it was just for password protection to limit access to that User Account, as in earlier versions of the OS. It wasn’t until later that I discovered that it was to log into a Microsoft account.

Thank you for showing the work-around. Now the question is the one posed by jhu:

Is there a way to decouple a User Account from the Microsoft Account so that I don’t have to log into the Microsoft account in order to run that User Account?

Thank you


I already installed the OS by signing into the Microsoft account. Is there a way to now decouple my OS from the MS account?

George Grover

Thank you for this, I am getting windows 10 forcibly installed on my windows 8.1 on the 29th and I glad you showed us this fix, I really don’t like the idea of microsoft trying to control access to a machine that is basically mine in the first place.

Nathan Osman

Thanks for finding this! I spent quite a bit of time studying the sign-in page trying to find a “skip” or “local account” option that wouldn’t require a Microsoft account. I was about to give up when I found this article. Very cleverly hidden, but thankfully still there!