NEMS Migrator: NEMS 1.0 to 1.1

Thanks for being an early-adopter of NEMS! It’s been exciting to see this project really catching on, and I endeavor to make it the best it can be. Your suggestions along the way have helped me focus on some great features for NEMS 1.1.

But where does that leave you, oh precious NEMS 1.0 user?

Yeah, don’tcha worry; I’m thinking of you too.

NEMS 1.1 has a nifty backup and export tool called NEMS Migrator. While it comes pre-packaged in 1.1, I designed it specifically to run on 1.0 as well, giving you the opportunity to export your NEMS 1.0 configuration, deploy NEMS 1.1, and then restore the configuration to NEMS 1.1. Easy peasy!

Here’s what you need to do:

Note: These instructions are for NEMS 1.0 only. Do not do this on NEMS 1.1+ as the tool is already built-in.

  1. SSH into your NEMS server.
  2. Become root: sudo su
  3. Update repository data. Type: apt-get update
  4. Install Git. Type: apt-get install git
  5. Install NEMS-Migrator in /tmp. Type:
    cd /tmp && git clone
  6. Create the backup config on your NEMS system. Type:
    cd /tmp/nems-migrator && ./
  7. Download the backup to your computer by opening it in your web browser. In your favorite web browser, simply add /backup/ to the end of your NEMS server address. Eg.,
  8. Now that you have your backup.nems file, follow the instructions here to restore your configuration to a newer version of NEMS.

2 thoughts on “NEMS Migrator: NEMS 1.0 to 1.1

  1. exceptional work 😉
    I have only one question:

    my network is very extensive, and StatusMAP page can not contain it all.
    I can enlarge the layout up to 100% of the page?

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